Herr der Krähen, 2020

A polyphonic political parable about truth and power. The production by the jtw spandau ensemble is working off the novel "Lord of the Crows" by the Kenyan author Ngugi wa Thiong'o, creates a polyphonic political parable that does not know the one truth: In the maelstrom of voices, each character seeks to assert his or her place in the world. And every story opens a new event. In a country that wants to reach the sky with the largest tower in the world, everyone has their needs: from the simple policeman to the housewife, from the corrupt tycoon to the countless unemployed people who stand and wait in long lines, to the dictator himself... As fate would have it, a mysterious consultation office called "Lord of the Crows" was created in the dictatorship of the Tower, in which all people explore their own truth - and thus the system itself is shaken. A surreal political parable develops.

Director: Carlos Manuel Stage & Graphic: Anne Duk Hee Jordan Stage Assistant: Andrea Macias-Yañez Costumes: Verena Hay Choreography: Jenny Mezile Technology: Marvin Wrobel, Gilles Stein, Dustin Mader, Jens Gerlich, Mostaffa Hossain Zadeh, Dustin Mader, Qasem Djamshidi Photos & Graphic: Patryk Witt Production Management: Julia Schreiner Production by jtw spandau in cooperation with les pieds dans la mare (Abidjan), supported by Goethe Institut Curitiba Förderung: Hauptstadtkulturfonds Berlin