The Living Plant Archive, 2020

THE LIVING PLANT ARCHIVE – All MY HANDS ARE LABOUR (2020- 2024) outlines the possibility of trans-material archiving, functioning at the intersection of design research, landscape architecture, visual arts, ecologies, food and postcolonial thinking. THE LIVING PLANT ARCHIVE – All MY HANDS ARE LABOUR approaches colonial histories and remaining colonialities through manifold forms of perceptions of the senses in the Dutch context. It will take you on a journey of nutmeg, clove and indigo. The starting point of the archive is indeed the trade routes of the VOC and the WIC, the journey of edible plants, spices, textile and color. In the center of the city of Arnhem, a former parking lot and wasteland will be transformed in a large open green landscape architecture, with a walk-in modular structure made out of sustainable material architectonically designed by the Argentinian architect Facundo Fernández (FLORA Studio). In the Age of the European exploration, or colonial times, colors and spices were only available for the rich western people. The merchants scoped out the planet for evermore-exquisite smells, perfumes, textiles and tastes and grabbed everything and everyone for the lucrative business around those products. Through a non-linear organizational logic, scents, plants, texts, edibles, textile sculptures, plant stories, workshops, communal dinners, performances and sonic interventions are being presented in this living archive. The archive becomes a starting point for reflection, interaction, and is to be used as a collective tool in public space.

Research and communication: Sky M.J Carranza Production and design: Andrea Macias-Yanez Architecture: Facundo Fernández Visual research and text: Pauline Doutreluingne Commissioned by Forces Times Distance - On Labour and its Sonic Ecologies, Sonsbeek 2020, Arnhem, Netherlands Curator: Dr. Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung, Zippora Elders, Vincent van Velsen, Antonia Alampi, Aude Christel Mgba Supported by Goethe Institute