Ziggy and the Starfish (2016)

Anne Duk Hee Jordan

„What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from“. T. S. Eliot

Ziggy and the Starfish is a sculptural installation composing of a mechanical waste processing crab, a film exploring the diversity of sexuality in the ocean, scientific interviews and moving singing stones dating back millions of years.

The newly commissioned work of Anne Duk Hee Jordan looks at sexuality from the perspective of marine life in a wholehearted environmental consumption where many causalities influence each other. Through pollution, traffic, oil spills, oil platforms, the sea began to change. The climate change in the hydrosphere determines the sexuality of the ocean animals.

An almost invisible, yet undeniable change in the environmental and sexual world occurs.

We can pretend the world goes on but we all go back to another big extinction. We are heading back to the end.

Facing the dreadful facts about global warming by zooming in on the perspective of aquatic life, Anne Duk Hee Jordan, created Ziggy and the Starfish, a sculptural environment exploring an alienate universe full of strangeness, changes and adaptation. After a month of free diving, many hours of underwater filming, interviews with marine biologists and geologists on the Basque coast, the artist tells the story of reproduction and decay and a sexuality way beyond our own imagination, while examining the relationship between nature, time and human intervention.

Singing Stones, Tabakalera, Spain 2016


Material: Fossils, Stones. Motors

Dimension: 56 cm x 49 cm

The collected stone- fossils and neo-minerals are tracing back 65 Mio. years to the last extinction. They sing the song from the past into the NOW.

Robotic Waste Crab, Tabakalera, Spain 2016

Waste Robot

Material: Motors, Mechanics, Waste

Dimension: 17 cm x 90cm x 180 cm

The waste crab collects the garbage from the sea and eats it, After approximately 6 cycles she throws the garabage via a catapult out of her system and starts from new.

Ziggy and the Starfish, Tabakalera, Spain 2016

stills from the fiilm

Material: HD-Fiim

Dimension: 4:3