Her work The Lost Princess of Mongolia (2009 - ongoing) is also about tension between two opposite forces, yet dealing with more personal and introspective matters since the piece is about truth and fiction. Adopted when she was too little to remember anything about her roots. Jordan manipulates her own past-known and imagined - and our perceptions. The Lost Princess of Mongolia is a series of fictive documentaries acting the quest about cultural and biological identities, developed for NON Berlin as a 5-channels video installation with objects. Mixing together original footage and surreal situations, Jordan tells us a story of the Lost Princess; while creating a personal mythology to genuinely answer the question „where do I come from“, Jordan shares with us the deep awareness of one having the whole world upside down: how one can then tell what is real and what is not.

Lost Princess of Mongolia, NON Berlin ongoing

Material: 5 Channel Video Installation

Dimension: Site Specific

Lost Princess of Mongolia, 2009

First Trailer

Material: HD-Video

Length: 03:19 min

The Lost Princess of Mongolia is a semi-autobiographical filmic work that combines real and fictional elements of

Anne Duk Hee Jordan’s life. Her own personal background and history is a continual red line, which runs through her artistic research.

In 2009 she started to make the first trailers.

The main conflict that the Princess confronts mirrors her own struggle with not belonging to a single culture or nation. The process of searching and exploring becomes then a life-long journey, in which wandering is a main theme.

This atypical documentary is conceived as a series of trailers.

She plans to make twelve . Thus far, five are complete. This work runs parallel with her own life path and research, and will take its natural time needed to be finalized.

Lost Princess of Mongolia, 2013

Music Trailer

Material: HD-Video

Length: 06:26 min

Lost Princess of Mongolia (ongoing)                        

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