Entanglement of little Things, Balzerprojects, Basel 2016

Interactive moving sculpture

Jordan’s artistic approach can easily be viewed as a discourse between both her own origins as well as the conceptual idea of social and cultural belonging. Her analysis takes on an ironic, sometimes even cynical tone, as the viewer remains in the dark whether it offers insights into a scientific hypothesis or if her art is attempting to denounce it. She combines multiple realms. She especially likes to take on sterile environments in order to transform them with her works: she interweaves classical myth, scientific facts with whimsical poetry, creating her own unique stance – her very own Wunderkammer.

balzer projects is showing some of the artist’s most recent work, aimed at constructing a link to her previous stones series which dating back to 2013. Jordan has always been fascinated with the ‘story telling’ power of stones. Stones transport the viewer from the present into the past, or rather, act as the embodiment of a time long gone, a developmental and natural process long completed. The use of stones, for monumental sculptures such as Stonehenge, which have yet to scientifically explained, interest her as well.

Entanglement of little Things

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