Research study / Walks with Olafur Eliassion in the Highland of Landmannalauger to Hrafntinnusker, Geothermic Area, Hvangil

In a slow and automatized choreography, a translucent quartz crystal is grated onto an obsidian’s surface.

Over the course of a hundred years the quartz stone will polish the obsidian into a mirror.

The lascivious movement of the two contrasted stones portrays a muted poetry.

Once again, the obsidian’s origin reveals a broader meaning within a precise context. Anne Duk Hee Jordan found the stone alongside the mountains of Iceland after the infamous Eyjafjoll volcano eruption in 2010. This disaster, immobilized global air traffic, and was felt across the echelons of society, ranging from the economic to the social.

The unexpected disruption compounded the global economical crisis auguring the collapse of Island’s and other banks, a particularly devastating event for the island and the rest of Europe.  Yet over time, what happened become bygones, and what remains are memories and broken fragments of obsidian.

Obsidian, 2014, Marrakesh Biennale

Material: Quarz, Obisidan, Motors

Dimension: 40 x 25 x 17 cm


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