In 2009, Anne Duk Hee Jordan created a machine/self sustained chemo-biological system called Water Me / Eat Me.

The system consists of a potato field, biological circuit and a watering machine. She grew potatoes, which produced electricity for an engine that represents the drive for the watering machine. This machine functions as gears or, figuratively as a heart, which supplies the potatoes with all the necessary nutrients that promote their growth. She then cut open the potatoes and infused her own blood in the biological transmission, so that the potatoes were not only supplied by the nutrients in the earth, but also by the blood of the artist. She titled the performance and photography series created out of this process Compassion (2011).

Water Me / Eat Me, 2009

experimental research

Compassion Project (unfinished)

Potatoes, 2012

Auflage 1/7 + 2 AP

Material: Photo

Dimension: 60cm x 40 cm